Montevilla – the old stone house located in the village Kuljace on the hills above Sveti Stefan. Just 10 minutes by car from Budva. In the area of beach “Kamenovo” in front of the restaurant “U Kusta” turn left and along a scenic mountain road you will reach the goal.  From the spacious parking lot to the house is a walk zone.  If you accidentally drove past, the end of your journey will be a monastery Dulevo 1 km from the village.  You can view the monument and back.

You do it right, if you decide to travel by car and live in our house. Thus, you get three benefits:

  • Freedom of movement and adventure.

  • The safety of your family and children, calm, peace and relax in nature.

  • Wide range of experiences from Montenegro and magical views of Budva Riviera.


Coastal Montenegro – a small part of the country, but that for 7 or 14 days time to visit all the attractions and beaches, you will need transportation. Public transportation here is doing badly. Taxis are expensive (per day from 20 to 50 euros).  And Montenegrin drivers nervous and impatient.  Own or rent a car (30-40 euros per day) gives you the ability to manage the daily journey. For example, one day you can visit the fortress of the Bar, and on the famous beach “Ada Boyana”, and visit the monastery Ryzhevichi and drive 30-40 miles, while still have time to have lunch at the famous Fisherman’s Restaurant on the seafront Pržno.

If you have your own transport, what difference you where to live? Better away from the noisy and crowded coastal locations with chaotic traffic. Here, at an altitude of 400 m above sea level is your home Montevilla. Your undeniable advantage in peace and quiet, the fragrance of trees and flowers, birds singing in the morning, magical species of the Adriatic.

But most importantly, your children and family will be safe and you will not be nervous and worry about them, and will enjoy the freedom and relaxation. Village Kuljace unique place, because it is completely pedestrian zone. There are no cars!

Unlike many other places out of the house leads to the roadway. During the season the roads in Montenegro congested, and the loyalty of the police gives drivers the opportunity to drive drunk and break the rules.

Do not believe the ads on the proximity of the house to the sea!

Private access to the sea, it is often muddy little backwater or overcoming the road with heavy traffic. All these villas are in Kotor, where the road runs along the edge of the sea, separating the house from the beaches. Besides these places in the mountains all day blocking the sun, while retaining moisture and stuffiness. And even having a pool will not save you from having to move to get a tan.

In Monteville no pool, but the sun on the terrace all day. And the temperature for two to three degrees lower than the sea, thanks to a pleasant mountain breezes. To cool down, it is often quite Jacuzzi, which is located right on the terrace of the house.

Sorry, in the village there is no shop. Every day you need to take care of the products. And you have to cook breakfast for themselves. But here is a pleasure. Good environmental products, lovely bread, meat, fruit, vegetables, berries will help you with this. You can arrange lunch in restaurants and cafes, which are on the coast of a large variety (and it’s not expensive!). And in the evening to cook something on the barbecue while enjoying wine and divine sunset.

Believe me, the entertainment will be enough! In addition, the village is equipped with all kinds of modern communication – multichannel TV, high speed Wi-Fi.

For example:

We will gladly help you with the choice of routes for each day and will provide you with equipment for active play on the lawns and board games.


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