Away from the noisy and crowded coastal settlement of Montenegro, away from congestion, stuffiness and overcrowding of hot tourist spots, at an altitude of 450 m above sea level on the hills of Sveti Stefan is a charming village Kuljace (Ku-lya-che), which means ‘Source of living water’. There is an authentic village in the unique location of the Budva Riviera.



Your advantage is in the silence, peace, greenery, the singing of birds, stunning views on the Adriatic seaside. In this case you will need only 10 minutes and you’ll be able to dive into the sea water beautiful Sveti Stefan, known for its restaurants, walk in the park Milocher or sunbathe on the sandy beach Kamenovo. We will give you a map and Nordic-walking sticks and our knowledgeable guide who will lead you by secret mountain paths of the old shepherds to the convents Duljevo, Rustovo, churches St. Spiridon and St. George. For the more determined will open the full panorama of Montenegro from the top of the Goli Vrh (1080 meters) and Astrougarsky way with Fortica and castle Kosmac. Since Kuljace is 3.5 km from the main road, you will need transport. You can rent a car, and it is always a free place for parking.



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